About Wildebeest

  • Free '' NO SET UP FEES'' digitisation/customisation service for standard sized logos (5,000 to 10,000 stitches)
  • Getting own own logo embroidered onto a garment has never been more affordable as most logos fall into the standard category.
  • Store your logo in your login area for future use.
  • We have an ever-growing collection of free2use logos which you can find in our logobank.
  • You only pay for the stitching.
  • Can't find the designs you want? Solution - browse our list of recommended embroidery websites for millions of designs, which we can purchase on your behalf.
  • We are constantly adding new clothing suppliers to give you plenty of choice. 
  • Oscar Wildebeest gives you un-biased tips on sizing and the performance of our suppliers' garments.
  • We customise caps and hats while-U-wait at shows in Ireland and the UK.
  • Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wildebeest-Clothing-and-Embroidery/187988247919367 to find out where the migration is headed.

About Join The Migration
Ordering is simple- We give prices NOT Quotes.

  1. Choose a garment
  2. Choose a free logo
  3. Choose the layout.
  4. Choose from three text sizes and add your own text using our instant text price calculator,
  5. Choose the font you want from 98 styles.
  6. Choose the text colour from our list of 400 thread colours. 
  7. If all this is simply too much hassle just select designers choice and we will do it all for you @ no extra fees. 

If you do want a quote then just ask  our embroidery assistance Oscar Wildebeest he has a whole book full of them.

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